FastFood #04: German Sausage Burger, McDonald’s Japan

Today, I would like to introduce the limited special menu from McDonald’s Japan.

McDonald’s Japan started a special campaign of Chicken sandwiches. Four types of Chicken sandwiches—Cheese Fondue, German Sausage, Diavolo and Carbonara—were prepared. Each sandwich was available for a few weeks. Although I stayed in Japan only for a week, I could try German Sausage and Diavolo. How lucky I am!

German Sausage

German Sausage was served with a slice of sausage, crispy tender chicken, mozzarella cheese, shredded cabbage with mustard sauce. First of all, their chicken was “real”. It was so juicy, and with a slight taste of lemon. It tasted like a big piece of Karaage (から揚げ). Sausage was a bit spicy, a style of bologna sausage. Gently steamed rye buns, dill and mustard, and German-style cabbage (Sauerkraut?) were perfectly matched together.

I am very satisfied with this burger, although a bit small. I added French fries and a cup of coffee. As for French fries, it was not salty enough for some reason. I like the states’ better.

I know McDonald’s serves junk food, but if you are in Japan and want to eat some fast foods, please check their items. Attractive menus are waiting for you!

Total: 660 yen (as a meal)

McDonald’s Japan

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