Restaurant #02: Fujizushi, Shakotan

Chirashi Zushi

Sushi is one of popular Japanese food, and nowadays many people eat it. Yet, I am wondering, how many people really enjoy sushi? I mean, row fish? California Roll, Hawaiian Roll and such are not Japanese sushi, although I love those. Fresh row fish and sushi chef's skills make great sushi. I am a type of person who can be happy if the food is delicious, but some people are professional gourmet, and they follows the rule to eat sushi (ex. don't dip the sushi too much to soy sauce, or put wasabi on the side of sauce plate and mix with soy sauce just a bit.) If some gourmets see me eating sushi randomly, they might preach me the rules.

My family and I drove to Shakotan to see the beautiful ocean view on that day. Our goal was to eat delicious "uni" (urchin). Shakotan's uni is always fresh and tasty, and of course the price is much reasonable. Unfortunately, this day was raining and we were kind of worry that we might not be able to eat uni. They can't catch enough uni if it's a rainy day... Our prediction was right. The first restaurant didn't have uni, after almost 2 hours of driving! Sad... So we chanted the direction and decided to go to this sushi place, called Fujizushi.

"Chirashi Zushi" is my choice. I am not a huge fun of uni, but I love to eat some. This chirashi was fresh enough, and uni was sweet and tender. You can see the freshness from its color. There is also a fresh yellow tail. Salmon is tasty, but it is different than the one I ate in California. The only disappointment was the quality of rice. Rice did not cook well on that day. Come on, rice is the second important thing for sushi....

Fresh Nigiri Zushi

This is "Shun no Nigiri" (Fresh Nigiri Sushi). You can enjoy two kinds of urchin, fresh Ama-Ebi (sweet row shrimp), scallop, eggs, and so on. This is gorgeous! I tried a little bit, and "neta" (fish of sushi) is so fresh!

Uni + Ikura don

This is the main dish for our family. Although many restaurants didn't have uni on that day, this popular Fujizushi had enough! We ordered "Uni + Ikura don". Look at fresh and shiny salmon roe (called ikura)! And of course, urchin is so sweet!!!

Yes, sushi is pretty expensive, but I think it is okay to enjoy it once or twice a year. I would like to try there again, as long as someone drives two hours for me...

Hokkaido Shakotan-gun Shakotan-cho Ooji Bikuni


Sapporo Autumn Fest 2009

I found an interesting event, starting this coming Friday, at Sapporo city, called "Sapporo Autumn Fest 2009". It seems that there are many restaurants join this event, even French and Italian restaurants! I can't wait! Autumn is one of great season for us to catch fresh seafoods. Veggies are sweet and fresh. If you visit or live in Sapporo, please visit this event. Event is from 9/18 (Fri) to 10/4 (Sun).

Sapporo Autumn Fest 2009


Restaurant #01: Picante, Sapporo

This is my second time to visit Picante, the restaurant specialized in "soup curry". Yes, soup curry! You might tried Japanese curry with Katsu or Seafood, which is still popular in Japan. It is quite different than Thai curry or Indian curry. Japanese curry has own history, even though the origin was from India. Soup curry became extremely popular in Sapporo back in around 2002. Since then, the delicious soup curry restaurants were opened everywhere in Japan.

The curry sauce is actually soup with curry powder and spices, then there are some fresh vegetables and chicken or some meats. Rice comes separately. You scoop one, then dip into the soup, then eat with a little bit of soup.

My family and I visited there about 12:30pm on Friday for lunch. The restaurant was already packed, and we waited for 20 minutes. There is always a waiting line, so I recommend you to go there earlier. :)

The interior is simple and I liked it, but there is no A/C. They sometimes use fans, but it is too hot inside.

Pica Chicken

We ordered three different types of soup curry. This is "Pica Chicken" (980 yen). There are two choices for the soup. You can chose "light" taste or "strong" taste. This chicken is with light taste soup. Fried chicken is very crispy and less spices, so you can dip into the soup and enjoy the contrast of crisp chicken and spiced soup. The veggies are so fresh! Green pepper, pumpkin, avocado, carrot, lotus root, and "negi" (green onion) on the top. Do you see the small white thing right next to the slice of carrot? This is a quail egg.

Gyu-suji Nikomi

This is "Gyu-suji Nikomi" (stewed beef chunk) (980 yen) with light taste soup. Veggies are all same as the first one. Oh, now I remembered there are some snap beans and a slice of eggplant under the sliced negi!

Lamb Nikomi

This is my choice; "European herbal taste Lamb chop, with extra topping of broccoli" (980 + 150 yen), with strong taste soup. You can see that the veggies are slightly different than the light soup, and I added a broccoli as a extra topping. There are a sliced eggplant, two sweet green peppers, carrot, pumpkin, and the rounded white stuff next to the carrot is a turnip! Healthy!

Each veggie is fresh and tasty; cooked separately from the soup, so each one has original taste. I tasted each meat. My favorite is crispy chicken. My choice, lamb, was also tender and tasty, but it does not match to curry taste as I expected...

Soup has strong taste, and pretty spicy. You can choose the level of spiciness between level 1 to 5. We chose level 2, but already pretty spicy. We taste curry, but I feel that this is like "curry soup". The soup has richly flavored, I guess it is veggie broth. Of course no MSG.

Rice is not pure Japanese rice. Maybe mixed with Thai rice, so it is not sticky. This rice is appropriate for soup curry, because it does not mix with the soup that much. You can enjoy the independent taste of soup and rice.

Quantity is reasonable. I thought this is not enough, but I felt full after I ate half of it.
It was fun lunch with my family. I would like to visit there again, but I need to make sure that the weather is not too warm. I guess winter time is the best season to eat in here.

By the way, I usually do not order drinks. I love enjoying the pure taste of the food, with a glass of water. If I want to drink, it would be after the meal, in a different place. Also, we do not have a custom to pay the tip for a waiter/waitress. Their service is, most of the time, satisfactory. The price is included tax.

Total cost: 3090 yen (for 3 people)

Acro View Hokudai Mae 1F
Kita 13-jo Nishi 3-chome, Kita-ku
Sapporo, JAPAN


Hello there!

Hi! I LOVE eating delicious food! I mean, who doesn't?
I would like to introduce delicious food, especially reasonable price and local favorite, mainly in Sapporo, Japan. If you know any great restaurants in this area, please let me know! :)