Restaurant #40: Mia Angela Ristorante & Bar, Sapporo

There are many great Italian restaurants in Sapporo, and I really wanted to try some of those during my Sapporo stay. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time for Italian food because I had been busy with my family. Mia Angela is a casual Italian café, located at Daimaru department store, which makes us convenient to access from Sapporo JR station. I usually have lunch set menu, but this time, we had a pizza and an extra dessert!

The décor of the restaurant was not bad. The friendly workers welcomed us and guided us to a bigger table. It was lunch time, so the window seats were all full, but might be better to seat close to window, so that the light was blight enough. A worker explained a menu. Besides regular a la cart menu, they offer lunch set menu, which comes with salad, today’s pasta and a cup or coffee. We, three of us, ordered different dishes; two of lunch set and one pizza with a dessert.

Salad and home made Focaccia

Salad was good with Italian dressing. I really liked crispy lotus-root chips on the top of the salad! An appropriate quantity of dressing made the salad healthy. Focaccia was just baked and so tender.

Pizza Margherita

First time to eat a pizza in here. They had several types, and we chose the simplest one, pizza Margherita. I like all kinds of crusts, but this was tender crust, which I liked. Yet more than that, I loved their mozzarella cheese. I thought their tomato sauce was alright, but this cheese brought me happiness.

Seafood Tomato Sauce Pasta

I tried their tomato sauce pasta before, but for me, the sauce was a bit sweet. It matched with seafood, though. It was a decent dish.

Yufutu Chicken and Fresh Veggie Pasta

Yufutsu’ Jidori chicken (勇払産鶏のパスタ) was perfectly cooked with a garlic sauce and some broccoli. Jidori is a Japanese term meaning “chicken of the Earth”. These chickens are naturally grown with no hormones. It was a simple dish, but good taste.

Caramel Pudding

At the end of lunch meeting, we shared a piece of pudding. It was kind of small to share, but we were already full, plus, I don’t eat sweet stuff that much. However, this pudding was perfectly delicious item for an ending.

Overall, their food made us feel satisfied. The atmosphere was friendly so it is okay to go there alone and have a dessert and read some books.

Mia Angela Ristorante & Bar
# There are several branches. I went to the one at Daimaru department store, 8F.

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