FastFood #06: iCon Chicken Diavolo, McDonald’s Japan

November, 2010. McDonald’s Japan introduced us four iCon Chicken burgers. I already introduced German Sausage Burger on this blog, and fortunately, I had a chance to try one more chicken burger, Diavolo, during my stay at Sapporo, Japan.

Diavolo is known as “小悪魔風” in Japanese. Spicy sauce with tender breast chicken, toasted buns, bacon, cheddar cheese, and slices of lettuce must make me full.

One bite, two bite… The sauce was not as spicy as I expected; it was actually a bit sweet. Since I expected spicy sauce, so it was a small disappointment. I believe the sause was too strong and it killed the natural taste from the chicken. Too bad… Breast chicken was thick, had tender and meaty texture. However, German Sausage burger used much tender chicken.

Overall, I enjoyed this new taste from McDonald’s, but if they add new iCon Chicken burger on their iCon list, I prefer German Sausage, although Diavolo made my stomach full. I want much spicier sauce!!!

# This burger was sold from November 5 to November 14, 2010.

Total: 660 yen (as a meal)

McDonald’s Japan

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