Restaurant # 57: Ozonico, Sapporo

(Visited in February, 2011)

Nova Italiana Ozonico is a fine Italian restaurant in Sapporo, located to several blocks away from Odori Park. My friend heard good review about this restaurant, so we decided to have a reasonable lunch. Lunch course (called “select lunch”) was only 1260 yen; appetizer, salad, pasta and dessert.

Tartine of Grilled Kita-Akari with Panko Bread Crumbs

北あかりのパン粉焼き. I was a bit surprised when an appetizer was served; it was so tiny! After eating food in the US and Taiwan, I really feel that a size of dishes in Japan is so small. Even though I knew I could have eaten in one bite, I still ate this small piece in a few bites. Kita-Akari is a sort of locally grown potato in Hokkaido.

Caesar Salad with Focaccia

Lettuce was fresh, and it really matched with Caesar dressing. Although just some slices of lettuce, it gave me a joy of freshness of vegetable. I wanted to eat more…

Tagliatelle with Mushroom and Cheese

きのことチーズのタリアテッレ. My choice. You can choose several types of pasta and sauce. I chose tagliatelle (homemade pasta). Usually flat-type of pasta matches good with creamy sauce. My choice was fresh mushroom with cheese. In a good sense, taste of cheese was lighter, although I expected more flavor from both mushroom and cheese. Tagliatelle was a bit tender, but it was perfectly cooked. If I have a chance to visit there again, I would like to try cream sauce with this tagliatelle.

Tagliatelle with Uni Cream Sauce

旨みたっぷり根室産ウニのクリームソースのタリアテッレ. My friend’s choice. Uni was from Nemuro, Hokkaido. I had a bite, and I should say this sauce was really good with tagliatelle. Sauce was really creamy, but not sweet because of Uni’s saltiness. This portion of pasta doesn’t let you bored even though with sauce of strong taste.

Strawberry Short Cake

Their dolce selection was great. A waitress brought us a wagon plate with six kinds of cake. My friend chose strawberry short cake, served with Apple Sorbet. Looked great!

Baked Cheese Cake
I chose baked cheese cake. Taste of Raspberry surprised me with taste of creamy cheese. Their cream cheese was from France. Their dolce was all from Ozonico’s restaurant group, La Verite. (http://www.laverite-hokkaido.jp/) If you are in Japan, check out their website, because you can buy some sweets online!

I really enjoyed lunch, although I was more into conversation with my friend. I definitely want to go back there for food next time.

Total: 1260 yen

Nova Italiana Ozonico

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