Travel #01: Narita to Taipei

I was lucky in this Taipei trip. I took China Airlines this time. I ordered my air ticket on the Internet, and they gave me a priority coupon, which allowed me to have a priority check-in, a pass to their lounge, and a priority tag on my luggage. My flight was at around 2pm, so I left Shin-Yokohama at around 9:30am, and then went to YCAT to take a Limousine Bus (shuttle bus) towards Narita Airport.

At 11:30am, I arrived at Narita Airport, but the check-in counter was still closed. So I bought new batteries for my camera to be ready to take some pictures and walked around a little bit to see if anything interesting. Narita Airport was not crowded on this day.

The check-in counter opened at around 11:45. I immediately checked in my big luggage, and rushed to the lounge. I used to have a chance to enjoy United lounge, but now they charge us to use it, so I barely take United… I miss their better services. The lounge was actually empty. I was the first one, and then one business person came in right after me.

Their food menu was alright. They had some cookies, breads, onigiri, noodles and so on. Reasonable, but nothing special. Regular drinks were ready. I was hungry, and I knew I could not eat an airline meal, so I picked two Onigiri (rice balls) and a small cup noodle. Too much? ^^;

I stayed there for an hour--writing articles for the blog and killing some time, then headed off to the gate. It was relaxing time at the lounge... It only took for four hours or so to get Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, and as I predict, I couldn't eat an airline meal.

Yes, I am here in Taipei now, and it has passed a month already. I am trying to stay here for 6 months or hopefully a bit longer to improve my Chinese skills.

If you know good restaurants, especially "good" Italian Restaurant, please let me know!


  1. oh my god there's pokemon on that jet! friggin awesome! i've never been to the lounge of an airline...i got a free "trial" for delta's when i fly out in march, but i don't think it's worth signing up for.

    if you're looking for restaurants in taipei, i highly recommend this girl joan's blog. it's really, really good and i'm definitely going to use it when i plan out some places i wanna check out in march.


  2. Hi Brian, yes, Pokemon jet!!! :)

    If you have to wait for a while at the airport, the lounge really help you to relax. They offer snacks, foods and drinks, as well as internet service. I heard some airport even offer a shower room...

    Thank you for letting me know the blog. Yes, I would like to check out. Here in Taipei, I found SO MANY restaurants, but I want to go special and delicious ones, which is very hard to find...

  3. i honestly can't get over that pokemon jet! i wanna ride on it!

  4. Ha ha. Next time when you plan to visit Asia, you can consider to visit Japan as well. Check the ANA (All Nippon Airways). They might tell you on the web which flight would be Pokemon Jet. It is still popular. This picture was actually taken in domestic arrival, but I believe they sometimes use it for Los Angeles-Narita line. :)

  5. yeah, i'm actually thinking about traveling to tokyo now. (if you haven't read, i'm not going to taipei anymore :( )

    not sure when or where i'm planning on traveling though, i still need to go to asia badly...

  6. thanks for the message....but things seem to be fine now...i'm still going!!!! wooooo!

  7. Yes! So your trip to Taipei is coming up very soon! Delicious, reasonable foods are waiting for you! :)