A Happy New Year 2010!

Yippy! 2010 started! Wow 2009 was sooooo fast. I guess I am getting old, because I feel time passes very quickly. Good thing is that I still feel JOY when I eat delicious food. I never get tired of it. :)

In 2010, I definately start my career in Asia, and keep studying languages. I am hungry for knowledge. I know I can't be perfect, and I am not a book smart at all. I am a slow learner. Yet, I like to learn new things, because it makes me happy and fulfilled. So, this year I will move forward!

How was your New Year's day? Did you see countdown? I was happy to see Taipei 101 fireworks in front of me~!


  1. happy new year! new years was good for me, family party and watched the ball drop in nyc on tv. i saw a photo of the 101 fireworks, it looked beautiful!

  2. Hello Brian! Great to hear that you had a wonderful new year's day. 101 fireworks this year was pretty good. I enjoyed it from my apartment's small window. ha ha.

    This year, I saw on the TV that fireworks at Gaoshong was much larger scale and it was Beautiful! Hopefully, 101 spend more budget on this event next year and make it as one of signature event of Taipei.

    Overall, NYC is the best. :)