Restaurant #25: Wonton Noodle, Taipei

On the day of my arrival, I found a wonton restaurant, 玉口香扁食園, near by my house. It was 10pm, and there are some people eating inside. OK I should try!

The décor was very simple. There are six small tables or so, and on the wall of each table, there are some boxes. I saw it carefully. It was a tissue box—it is cute! Their menu is simple; each category, such as rice, wonton, noodle, has four or five different flavor or style. So it is easy to choose as a foreigner. It was my first time and I had no idea. I ordered pork wonton noodle (鮮肉扁食) (TW$ 65) and veggie wonton noodle (菜肉扁食) (TW$ 65). One noodle costs about $2. Do you think it is SO cheap? Yes!!! At least for me, the first time. However, when you think about their living expenses, it is okay.

Veggie Wonton with Noodle

Both items were very similar. No wonder many Chinese noodles are served quickly. Soup, noodle and some other ingredients were same, except the type of wonton dumpling. My choice was pork wonton with noodle. The soup was probably chicken broth and juice from pork, no more than that. Wonton was tasty and it made me full easily. I also liked the type of Chinese noodle. Veggie wonton with noodle was a bit less broth in the soup, but I liked this wonton better than a simple pork one. Over the noodle, some pieces of Chinese lettuce were used.

Pork Wonton with Noodle

People in Taipei are, I think, very busy, and they try to finish the meal as quick as possible. Therefore, many restaurants have to serve the food quickly with simple, convenient menu. I feel that the important thing is if you can be full or not. People don’t mind about the décor or what kind of plates they use… It is interesting. Japanese people are always busy as serious workaholic, and I was one of them. Yet, we try to spend more time for the meal. Of course, it depends on the job, but I felt the cultural difference here. Well, for me, the most important thing is the taste and the health issue. Those noodle made me full easily, and it was pretty tasty. Do I want to go back there again? Yes, maybe just one more time to try different menu. (Report: Nov. 2009)

Total: 130 TWD (for 2 people)

玉口香扁食園: Wonton Noodle Restaurant
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