Dessert #02: Tsumugi

I don’t eat dessert that much, because I prefer salty stuff than a sweet one. However, once in a while I am craving desserts. When I came to Taipei, I stopped by at some souvenir stores to buy some Hokkaido cookies, and I found this Baumkuchen. This is Ishiyaseika’s new item. Ishiyaseika’s signature item, 白い恋人 (Shiroi Koibito: it means “a white lover”), is still a huge hit as a popular souvenir of Hokkaido. Yet, I would like to recommend this baumkuchen, so called Tsumugi.

The package is professional. The color of the box is calm and sophisticated, and the font is not that bad. This box is also strong, so it is useful. Baumkuchen was in appropriate size (as a souvenir) and the taste pretty good. It was not that sweet, so it was my favorite taste. I also liked the fact that I can bring it back without an ice. Sometimes these souvenir need to be in cool place, but this one is easy to carry without an ice.

If you come to Hokkaido, please try this Tsumugi and see if you like it.

Tsumugi @ Ishiyaseika


  1. looks like an interesting texture...is that like a cake?

  2. It is very good. Yes the taste is like a simple cake, but not that sweet. Baumkuchen!