Restaurant #27: World Soymilk King

世界豆漿大王 is a 24-hour-open Chinese restaurant located in my area. It seems that there are some branches. They offer breakfast items and lunch items. It seems that recently they remodeled their restaurant and now have more space for seating. Of course you can eat dinner, but you may want to eat more… It would be great place for night snacks.

I went there in lunch time, because I saw steam coming out from the dumpling containers outside. I ordered the lunch set, which came with 8 pieces of 小籠包 (steamed dumpling), 蔥餅 (Chinese Bread with Green Onion), 蔥花蛋 (Scrambled Egg with Green Onion), and 冰豆漿 (Iced Soymilk).

Please don’t expect for the décor. It is a stereo type Chinese restaurant, so the inside was simple; just some tables and chairs. Hygiene was alright. Self service corner for extra plates, shredded ginger and some sauces.

Scrambled Egg with Green Onion

Scrambled egg was with green onion. Nothing special but this is popular menu as Taiwanese breakfast menu. I didn’t like the sweet (!?) sauce, so next time I would tell them no sauce. Soymilk was homemade. Usually in Taipei, the milk is sweet, unless you tell them not to put the sugar. So if you like non-sweet soymilk, be careful!

Chinese Bread with Green Onion

I liked Chinese bread, again with green onion. They heated up for me, so it was pretty hot. I already tried this bread several times, but most of times I like it. I should try other breads next time…

Steamed Dumpling

I LOVE steamed dumplings. When I was in the States, I sometimes went to the famous dumpling restaurant, 鼎泰豐Din Tai Fung, which was originally from Taiwan. Please do not expect too much for their steamed dumplings at世界豆漿大王. Their specialty is not a dumpling. However, their dumplings were pretty good with this reasonable price. Their steamed dumpling (8 pcs) was only TWD 70! Good price! Yes, almost an half price of Din Tai Fung. I really enjoyed their dumpling.

I already tried some other items at this restaurant. Most of items are pretty good in reasonable prices. Yet, so far my favorite is steamed dumpling. I would like to try their breakfast menu next time!

Total: 80 TWD



  1. this post made me hungry. i love green onions...i'll pretty much eat anything with green onions in it!

  2. Green onion is healthy, and it actually matches with bread. I also use it when I cook steamed fish. Garlic is also used a lot, which I like. But they use too much!!! Sometimes I hurt my stomach... (^^;)

  3. Hi North, i would like to publish your photos here for the online edition of our newspaper: www.epochtimes.de

    (maybe also for the print edition)

    Can I do that? and if yes, I need the photo credits (your name basically).