Restaurant #32: Hung Kan Restaurant 紅磡港式飲茶, Taipei

It was not difficult to find several great dim sum restaurants in Los Angeles. Here in Taipei, however, oh boy it is very difficult to find a good one with reasonable price! I am sure you will be able to eat delicious dim sum at a five star hotel, but I rather want to find a reasonable price. Hung Kan Restaurant is a chain dim sum restaurant in Taipei, and one is located in Ximen area, which my friend and I visited. I chose this place because they are open for 24 hours and it is near the subway station.

This restaurant is located near MRT Ximen station, so it is easy to access. The building is old, and the escalator was broken. Well, so-so impression so far… We were only two people, so the waitress led us to the window seats. The restaurant was huge; sometimes it is used for wedding banquet. I think their service was alright—nothing special. I hope they improve friendly service more since they charge 10% service fee.

We ordered five dim sum items and Oolong tea. My friend has a shrimp allergy, so we tried to find vegetarian menus. Unfortunately, most of dim sum items are included shrimp, even though the menu did not mention. Sorry my friend…

Baked Creamy Chinese Cabbage

奶油焗白菜 (Baked creamy Chinese cabbage) was an interesting item among five dishes. It was TW$120. Chinese cabbage (白菜: Nappa), Shitake, shrimp, crabmeat, and mushroom were marinated with cream sauce and baked. It was used two different kinds of shrimp; tiny Sakura shrimp and Sushi shrimp. I liked the taste of dish, but was a bit distracted by the strong taste from Sakura shrimp. I would like to order this again if they put less or no Sakura shrimp.

Pan-Fried Turnip Cake

腊味蘿蔔糕 (Pan-fried turnip cake) (TW$68) was my friend’s favorite. I like it when it is hot. Outside was crispy and tasty, but inside was a little bit dry. I felt it was not fresh enough… Disappointed. :(

Fried Spring Roll (left) and Deep Fried Leek Roll (right)

雞絲炸春捲 (Fried spring roll) (TW$88) was delicious! It was served right after they cooked. The skin was golden brown and crispy. A big piece of shrimp was sweet and tasty. I sometimes cook spring roll, but the one at the restaurant is always crispy. It would be great if they put more vegetables.

This deep fried leek roll (脆皮韮菜角) was the tastiest item among five for me. It was TW$88. Nira tastes might be a bit strong, but I loved it! Some pieces of shrimp were inside, although the menu didn’t mention. It would be great if they serve some veggie items. This leek roll would be good for veggie-only. Please try this leek roll if you have a chance.

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling

紅磡鮮蝦餃 (steamed shrimp dumpling) (TW$88) was many people’s all time favorite, and I am one of them. Unfortunately, the dumpling was served when it is cold~~~! NO~~~! It has to be warm~~~! It was not bad, but I ate better one before. I hope next time they serve better one.

This restaurant was, I think, so far okay. They serve various menus and the atmosphere was not bad at all. I was surprised, however, their price. For example, one item was TW$88, which is about US$2.75. Therefore it is almost same price as some restaurants in California. Compared to living expense in here, I believe it is a bit expensive…

However, my friend and I enjoyed the atmosphere and we had a good meeting. I would like to go there again with more friends. (Report: Jan. 31, 2010)

Total: TW$ 550 (for 2 people, including 10% service fee and extra)

紅磡港式飲茶: Hung Kan Restaurant


  1. First time seeing Baked Creamy Chinese Cabbage as dim sum. Sounds pretty tasty.

  2. Hello there!

    Yes, it was first time for me to eat it. It was pretty tasty~~. I went to some dim sum restaurants in California, but I had never seen this item. Maybe it is original menu for Taiwanese people. :)