Restaurant #34: 小樂天餃子館 Dumpling Restaurant, Taipei

Let me introduce one of my favorite restaurants in my area. I am the person who always wants to try new things. I tried some restaurants around my area, but unfortunately, I only found a few good restaurants. 小樂天餃子館 is one of good restaurants so far I know.

小樂天餃子館 is located near Taipei City Hall MRT station—easy to access. Workers wear the orange colored uniform. The manager, or an owner, is a friendly guy; he always welcomes customers. It is a typical Chinese restaurant, but I feel they organized the décor and furniture well.

Their signature menu is, as they named, dumplings! 水餃 (boiled dumpling) and 鍋貼 (fried dumpling) are their popular menu. I personally like fried dumpling, so everytime I go to this restaurant, I eat 鍋貼.

Pork Gelée

I usually do not order an appetizer (called 小菜 in Chinese) but this time I found interesting item, called 猪肉凍 (Pork Gelée) (TW$50). It was very delicious and amazing! Once you put the small piece into your mouth, it slowly melted and the taste of pork spread into your mouth. Amazing! The price is reasonable, so I would like to try this again.

Hot and Sour Soup

酸辣湯 (hot and sour soup) (TW$25) is always my favorite! For some reason, this restaurant does not offer 酸辣麺, but at least I could enjoy the soup. Actually, they use the same soup a 大滷麺, with vinegar and pepper. lol

The soup contains Tofu, carrot, Kikurage, Shitake mushroom, shredded bamboo shoots… And you see the green leave on the soup? It is called 香菜. I heard many Japanese people do not like it, so I was a bit scared. Well… I know this taste, it is cilantro! Yeah I love it! Oh now I miss Mexican food… The soup was pretty tasty.

Fried Dumpling

We ordered 10 pieces of 鍋貼 (TW$80). Their dumplings made of only grinded pork and Nira (韮: Chinese chives). I sometimes make dumpling by myself, but I use Chinese cabbage because it makes the dumpling so juicy. In Taiwan, it seems that cabbage is not used. I like both Japanese and Taiwanese style. Outside of the fried dumplings were very crispy! I always expect that inside would be juicy, but since two sides of dumpling were all opened, the juice from the pork and Nira comes out. Hmm… I really liked their fried dumpling, but I just hoped that the inside would have been a little more moisturized.

Da Lu Mian

Their noodle menu is pretty various, but I am not sure which one is the best. I usually order small-size 大滷麺 (Da Lu Mian) (TW$80), which is similar as 酸辣麺 but no spicy. The noodle is chewy and well-marinated with tasty soup. Ingredients were shredded pork, Shitake mushroom, tofu, egg, lettuce, shredded bamboo shoots, a few pieces of carrot (yes, it is true), and Kikurage. The soup is really like 酸辣麺… I hope they make it a little bit spicy… Da Lu Mian contains lots of vegetables, so it is healthy. So far I like this among their noodle menu.

Noodle with Zha Cai and Shredded Pork

榨菜 (Zha Cai: ザーサイ) is a type of pickled mustard stem, originating from Sichuan area of China. Some people are not fun of this, but I can eat anything! 榨菜肉絲麵 (Zha Cai Rou Si Mian) (TW$70, small size) was much simpler than 大滷麺. The soup broth was very tasty. Some slices of Chinese cabbage, green onion and Zha Cai, with roasted garlic (it is always used in Chinese dishes, but I don’t know what it is called.) It seems that they use the same-type noodle for all noodle dishes.

Overall, I liked their foods and service, and the price was reasonable.

Total: TW$ 305 (for 2 people)

小樂天餃子館: Dumpling Restaurant
1F, No. 151, Section 5, ZhongXiao East Rd. Xinyi Dist.,
Taipei, TAIWAN

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