Restaurant #49: Sushi Zen, Sapporo

Aww my poor writing cannot catch up with the actual visited date to the restaurant. This visiting to Sushi Zen was in November, 2010…

Sushi Zen is Sapporo based fresh sushi restaurant, and a few branches opened in Tokyo area. Originally opened in Maruyama area in Sapporo, later slowly opened other branches. I personally recommend Maruyama branch (本店) because of the atmosphere and the design of the restaurant, but please check the prices online before you go. Each branch targets the different customers, so cost range is also different. I usually go to Daimaru department store branch, especially lunch time, which is easy to access and price is reasonable among other branches.

Since this branch is located the top floor of the restaurant, don’t expect too much to the décor of the dining area. Cleanness and well-trained workers satisfied me enough. A worker led us to the table and brought us a cup of green tea.

Lunch set (offers between 11:00-14:00) is in reasonable price! I chose Suzuran(1575 yen), served with Siromi (白身: white meat fish), Akami (赤身: the leaner meat from the sides of Tuna), Ika (いか: squid), Hotate (ほたて: scallop), Botan Ebi (ぼたんエビ: jumbo sweet shrimp), Kanpachi (かんぱち: mature amberjack), Salmon, Zuwai Gani (stripped snow crab), Ikura (いくら: salmon roe ) and Atsuyaki Tamago (thick fried egg).

Here it comes!!! 10 pcs of Nigiri were beautifully lined up on a rectangle Japanese plate, with a bawl of Osuimono and a cup of green tea.

Unfortunately, Kanpachi was out, so two pieces of Akami were served. Ika was amazingly tender and juicy. It was the best “neta” of the day!

Zuwai Gani was also great! The meat was sweet and it really matched with Shari (sushi rice).

I was a little bit disappointed that their Atsuyaki Tamago was dry. Atsuyaki Tamago is not actually main sushi neta, but most people love it.

After I ate 10 pcs, my stomach wanted more. I ordered extra Natto & Yamaimo maki.


Their Yamaimo maki was interesting, lightly colored with Ume shiso (梅しそ); take a look closely, yamaimo is pink, right?


Rice for makimono was a bit stiff, but I guess it depends on your taste. Natto maki is always my favorite.

After I finished eating all, a worker served me another cup of green tea.

Good service, good food. Now I am satisfied!

Total: 5355 yen (for 3 people)

Sushi Zen


  1. ahh that sushi looks glorious!

  2. Thanks for the post. I'll definitely try the Maruyama Branch as you recommended.