FastFood #05: Burger Chicken BOX @ Lotteria

Lotteria is one of my favorite fast food restaurants in Japan. My favorite burger is always Shrimp Burger. It passed quite long time since I tried it, so I simply visited there on the way back to my home.

Ebi Burger + Chicken Set

I ordered バガチキBox (pronounce “baga-chiki”) (770 yen), baga-chiki means burger and chicken, including one choice of burger, French fries (M size), one piece of juicy chicken and one drink (R size).

The Ebi burger made me satisfied, but I felt a little bit salty. I believe it was because of Tartar sauce. Juicy chicken was okay, but most people would like it. I ate Lotteria’s original (!?) juicy chicken back in 20 years ago, and I still remember THAT taste. No one can beat that taste.

Pepper Pork Egg Sandwich

Also, I ordered extra Pepper Pork Egg Sandwich (ペッパーポークエッグサンド). Wow nowadays, Japanese fast food chains really create astonishing items. Taste of black pepper was light, and it really matched with egg and lettuce.

Hmmm… McDonald’s Japan, Lotteria, Mos Burger, and more and more burger stores… Who would be a winner among their battle?


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