Night Market #01: 士林夜市 Shilin Night Market, Taipei

The best sightseeing spot in Taiwan is the night market, and the biggest, most popular night market is this Shilin night market (士林夜市). This was my first time to visit there. Most tourists say that Shilin night market is an amazing place, so I was very excited.

To access to the market was convenient; take a red line subway and get off at Jiantan MRT station. Just follow the crowds so that you can reach the night market within about five minutes. The market was big! I found a big food court building, so I decided to find some snacks over there.

Inside of the building was full of small restaurants. Chicken, drinks, ice cream, sausages, beef noodles, oyster omelette, and so many other night snacks. I personally like those foods and was ready to try all of those, but once I saw how they made those, I noticed to be careful to choose the item. Some restaurants were fine, but some had a serious problem in their hygiene. Some tourist might not care because of the exoticness, but I do! I just can’t eat food right next to the rats… Just want to say, look at each restaurant and check how they cook the food…

I found a fried chicken store. I tried some other similar chicken, but this chicken was really huge! One chicken was the same size as my face! There were a long line for this restaurant, but it only took me five years to get a slice of fried chicken, TW$ 50.

Crispy Fried Chicken

It was fresh, and was hot! Outside was a bit greasy, but the meat was so tender. I felt that the chicken was marinated too much spices, though. I liked the strong taste. You must try this if you go to this market.

Since last summer, I became a fan of pan fried stuffed dumplings (水煎包). I found one store near by the chicken store. It was small, but it cost only TW$ 10, so I bought one piece.

Some sausage stores were there. The one near by the chicken store was interesting. The sausages were… HUGE! How can I eat that?!? I really wanted to try the big one, but I was already full with a fried chicken and a dumpling, so I tried a black pepper sausage, served with the mochi rice wrap. Next time, I definitely want to try the big one.

The only regret was that I didn’t eat oyster omelette, one of popular Taiwanese snacks. I tried to find a good store, but after I saw them cooking with the plastic plates directly putting on the heated pan (it’ll melt!) and saw them adding water to the beaten egg, I lost my appetites…

After I ate some snacks, I walked around the market. So many people were taking a walk and enjoying the evening by watching clothing and dessert stores. I would recommend this night market for a tourist. For me? Nah… I liked the atmosphere and some foods, but again, I couldn’t be a fan of their hygiene. Weird smell and the rats’ voice… Maybe I am just picky… I prefer smaller night markets but better hygiene or at least no rats…

Total: TW$ 110


  1. you shoulda taken a photo w/ the rats! just kidding...

    so jealous you got a chance to go there. that place seems so awesome!

  2. Hi Brian! Yes, I should've taken a picture... ha ha ha. Night markets are very interesting in here. Shilin is the biggest, but there are some other cool markets. Next time I will take some pictures! :)