Travel #02: Taipei to Sapporo

Yes, Sapporo trip! I miss Sapporo~! Several direct flights from Taipei bring us to wonderful city in Japan, Sapporo. I took China Airlines this time by using my friend’s mileage. Therefore, the airfare was for free this time. In addition, I could take a business class.

The privilege for flying for business class is that the usage of a lounge. I enjoyed the lounge at Narita last year, and their foods were pretty good. This time the lounge at Taipei international airport was okay. Unfortunately, there was no onigiri, but they prepared three kinds of noodles, pork, beef and vegetables. I tried vegetable noodle and some pieces of steamed dumplings. Noodle was good, the soup was simple and light flavor, but tasty enough for me to relax before the flight.

This flight was Boeing 737, so the business class is not quite same as the international flights. I thought the flight attendant was friendly and served us properly. The food was… interesting. I chose chicken as a main dish, with Takana rice and steamed veggies. Rice was in good condition, so as veggie. Chicken was too salty for me, though.

Salad was delicious. Lettuce was, I believe, fresh, and the crabmeat was wrapped by a slice of fresh ham.

Dessert looked fine, but I only ate fruits because I don’t eat sweet stuff.

After 4, 5 hours of flying, I safely arrived at Shin-Chitose Airport. I took a train and headed to meet my friend!

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