Restaurant #38: 阿弟仔大腸麵線 Intestine Thin Noodle, Taipei

I am a noodle lover! As Japanese, I like Ramen, Soba, Udon, Somen, and now Taiwanese noodles. The good thing about Taiwanese noodles is that the soup is pretty light tasted—simple, quick but tasty. However, this time I found a strong flavored soup, intestine thin noodle. Yeah the name is… pretty direct, but the taste was amazing.

In the Taipei guide book, there is one famous thin noodle store at Ximending called 阿宗麵線. This comes with oysters, not with intestine. I would like to try oyster noodle someday soon, but I found a small, friendly thin noodle store right next to fried chicken store that I always go. I’ve seen the lady taking care of the soup everytime I visited the chicken store, and this day, I finally tried her noodle.

The store is so small, and a woman takes care of the soup at the entrance. Probably three or four people can sit there and eat. Nothing fancy, but the inside was clean. I ordered a small bawl of the intestine thin noodle, TW$ 35, for take-out. She asked me if I wanted all the ingredients. Well, it was my first time and didn’t know what she would put, so I said yes…

The noodle soup was cooked for a long time. Don’t know like… a day or even more. She added some slices of intestine, grinded garlic (yummy), some kind of sauce (soy sauce!?), spicy sauce (you can ask no if you don’t like), and 香菜 (cilantro).

I was afraid to eat in the beginning, but once I put the noodle in my mouth, it was amazingly delicious! The broth was different than other Taiwanese noodle soup. I tasted katsuobushi taste believe or not. I am not sure whether they put the oyster or not, but I felt some ocean flavor.

Noodle was thin, but still chewy. I don’t like overcooked noodle, like Taiwanese spaghetti, but this kind of noodle was still in good shape even though it was stewed for a long time. It was chewy, but was thin, so not difficult to eat.

Pork intestine was stewed enough; juicy and tender. The saltiness was perfect. I was right to add spicy sauce and grinded garlic, because those sauces erase the smell associated with intestines. Also, I didn’t smell the star anise. Yes! I am not a huge fan of that taste…

Overall, I was very satisfied with this noodle. Small bawl was actually enough to make me full. I am just wondering how they deal with those during summer time. All ingredients were simply put in the outside of the store. Should I go back there after summer?

Total: TW$ 35

阿弟仔大腸麵線: Intestine Thin Noodle
Lane 30, Young-Ji Rd., Xinyi Dist.,
Taipei, TAIWAN

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