Bakery #02: Donguri, Sapporo

After eating Gyu-Tan with my friend, we found a great bakery called “Donguri” near by Kotoni train station. This is a bakery chain, so you may find one in your area if you live in Sapporo city. According to my friend, the bakery Donguri became popular because TV program introduced their “Chikuwa Pan”, which I tried this time.

Most of their items looked great. Their items were various and took time to choose. The size was bigger than other bakery so far, which was great for me! I’ve been frustrated to eat petite foods in Japan these days. lol

I bought five pieces of bread, but I accidentally ate one before I took some pictures. From the top right, Chikuwa Pan (ちくわパン) (136 yen), Saku Saku Curry (Crispy Curry Bread: サクサクカレー) (147 yen), Puchi Kuromame (Petite Black Beans: プチ黒豆) (52 yen) and Cheese Age (Fried Cheese Bread: チーズ揚げ) (68 yen). Deep fried breads were so crispy but it was nicely oily, so it is better to have those for lunch.

Among those, my favorite was Crispy Curry. Usually, curry breads are filled with curry sauce, but cannot find any veggies. But this one came with large pieces of veggies and meats, like regular curry sauce we eat with rice! Wow...

Chikuwa Pan

Their signature item, Chikuwa Pan, was an amazing idea. Chikuwa (ちくわ) is a Japanese food made from fish surimi. It is a tube-like food, so they put Tuna into the hole of chikuwa, and wrapped with the bread, mayo on the top of the bread. If you like tuna, you definitely like this Chikuwa Pan!

I definitely go back to Donguri and want to try other items.

Total: 529 yen (for 5 pieces)

1F, Daiei Kotoni Branch
2-2, 2-jo 4-chodme, Kotoni Nishi-ku


  1. looks real good, is that the cheese one all the way up top?

  2. brian, yes, cheese one was kind of small, but it is not expensive. So I can buy some as a snack. I should've taken a picture of the other item... That was also delicious.