Restaurant #18: Oonoya, Sapporo

Gyu-Tan Teishoku

My friend took me to this popular Gyu-Tan (牛タン: Beef Tongue) restaurant, called Oonoya (大野屋), located near by Kotoni train station. Recently, Japanese restaurants need to treat beef carefully, due to the safety issue of US beef. Oonoya had a notice at the door that they use Japanese and Australian beef.

My friend and I went there at 8pm, and we were shocked that they were already closed! What!?!? We saw some people inside and the light was still on. My friend got into the restaurant and asked them if they already closed or not. It seemed that they had many visitors earlier all at once, and they could not handle anymore, so they closed early on that day. Luckily, they let us in and enjoy their delicious Gyu-Tan.

The décor was simple and old. I feel that they don’t spend much time and money for the décor. I feel that the inside was a bit dark. I know they already have enough customers, but if they refurnish the interior, that would attract more customers, especially young generations.

Their menu is very simple. Gyu-Tan Teishoku (牛タン定食) is prepared in small or regular size, and a few other dishes. Since I don’t drink alcohol, I am not sure about Sake menu, but I heard that their Sake menu is various. I ordered “Gyu-Tan Teishoku”, with 5 slices of beef tongue. (2300 yen)

Gyu-Tan Teishoku was served with rice, 5 slices of beef tongues, takana (高菜), and beef tail soup. Those were served with simple, light blue-color plates. In my opinion, it would look better if those were served with white colored plates. It gives the brightness on the table. Beef tongue was very tasty and chewy. Awww… limited 5 slices made me wanting more! Beef tail soup was in great saltiness, and the beef broth had enough rich flavor.

Overall, I enjoyed their food and the service. I hope that they might change the décor or color combination soon.

Total: 2300 yen

Gyu-Tan, Oonoya
1F, Oonoya Bldg
2-jo 5-2-2, Kotoni Nishi-ku
11:00-13:30 (lunch) / 17:00-21:30 (dinner)

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