Restaurant #19: Nangokushuka, Sapporo

My family went to see Ken Watanabe’s new movie, “Shizumanu Taiyo” (沈まぬ太陽). After the movie, my family and I met in front of the train station and had lunch together. I wanted to try Kyokaro, the Chinese restaurant I wrote before, but this time my aunt told me there is another Chinese restaurant at Sapporo Stellar Place, the building next to Daimaru. OK, let’s try different atmosphere!

“Nangokushuka” is a Chinese chain restaurant, originally from Harajuku, Tokyo. It seems that the décor was modern and cool, although I like Kyokaro’s décor better. We needed to wait for twenty minutes due to the weekend, but it was worth to wait. The waiter and waitress were friendly enough. It is quite different mood compared to Kyokaro. Kyokaro, the Chinese restaurant at Daimaru department store, have more gorgeous, elegant service and atmosphere. On the other hand, Nangokushuka is more friendly and energetic. I like both style.

Su La Tan Men

I chose “Su La Tan Men” (Suan la Tang Mian: スーラー湯麺) (1050 yen). I think I tried the only soup before, but with noodle, it made me full easily. It was an interesting taste. I mean I liked it a lot, but my family told me that it tasted special Chinese spices they’ve never eaten before. Hmm… I guess I ate enough Chinese food and it doesn’t bother me at all. The soup was thick & creamy, and spicy from the pepper with shrimp, squid, scallop, shiitake, bok choy, komatsuna and egg. Even though I am a big eater, this was huge! It would be nice if I share with some friends.

Lunch Set with Soy Sauce Chicken

Lunch menu comes with today’s dish (you can choose one from three choices), one piece of Dim Sum (点心), 2 pieces of side dishes(副菜), Rice or Chinese bread, Today’s soup, Kou no Mono (香の物), Today’s dissert or Chinese tea. Soy Sauce Chicken (愛知県産えぞゆきのした 真狩産ボロ葱入り鶏肉の醤油炒め) (1260 yen) was very tasty enough and made me satisfied qualitatively and quantitatively. Ezo Yukinoshita, known as Enoki, was from Aichi Province, and Chicken and Green Onion sauté with soy sauce was from Makkari, Hokkaido. Chicken was so juicy and interestingly it looked like a pork. Negi (green onion) always matches with chicken. You may sauté with sour and sweet sauce, but my favorite is usually with soy sauce.

Half & Half Lunch Set: Gomoku Ankake Tsuyusoba

Gomoku Ankake Tsuyusoba (五目あんかけつゆそばセット) (1365 yen) was hard to finish up. It was... too much! It was my uncle’s choice. It didn’t make sense that the Tsuyusoba, like a Chinese ramen, comes with today’s soup. They should come with either Dim Sum or dessert. Unfortunately, soup was already getting cold and my uncle didn’t enjoy it. The ingredients, though, were tasty. Fried Rice was great, he said. Simple, but with proper taste. Shrimp, egg, and komatsuna mixed with rice, and they used the special pepper who gives the taste of Chinese.

Lunch Set with Three kinds of Seafood

Lunch set with seafood sauté (茨城産パクチョイ入り海鮮三種: 天然海老、帆立貝、絞甲いかの天日塩炒め) (1470 yen) was my aunt’s choice. Fresh ingredients from all over Japan were used in this dish. Bok Choy from Ibaragi province was sauté with natural shrimp, scallop and squid. It looked interesting that they also used pumpkins and negi. Yes pumpkins with seafood. I need to taste it next time.

Overall, we enjoyed their food and atmosphere. I was especially satisfied with the quantity of their dishes. That is how the Chinese food is supposed to be: provide the food until the customer can’t eat anymore.

Total: 5145 yen (for 4 people)

6F, Stellar Place Sapporo
5-banchi, Kita 5-jo 2-chome, Chuo-ku
11:00-23:00 (L.O. 22:00)

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