FastFood #02: Gura-Koro Burger @ McDonald’s

I am not a huge fan of McDonald’s. Their French fries were unhealthily salty and not hot. Their menu is not special compared to other burger stores. Yet, the good thing for them is that their target is kids. Most of their stores have playground; kids are playing games and running around, happily. I was amazed by their business strategy. McDonald’s Japan, however, has to think different strategy, because they cannot only focus on kids. Our McDonald’s doesn’t have a playground, although we have special menu for kids. Creative original menu, free McCafe and reasonable price brought them business successful in recent years.

I usually eat shrimp sandwich (えびフィレオ) at McDonald’s in Japan, but this time I tried a limited item called Gura-Koro Burger (Gratin Croquette Burger: グラコロ) (300 yen).

Gura-Koro Burger with a cup of coffee

Macaroni Gratin is my favorite dish in my life so far. The important part of making perfect gratin is white sauce. Not too creamy, definitely not sweet. The perfect white sauce can make the delicious gratin. Of course, I didn’t expect perfect sauce for this burger, although the taste was pretty good. Korokke (コロッケ) is the Japanese name for a deep fried dish originally from French croquette. Inside of korokke, there are macaroni and shrimp mixed with white sauce. For me, the sauce was too creamy and a bit sweet. So bulldog sauce on the korokke helped me to adjust the sweetness.

By the way, one thing I thought it was interesting is that chicken sandwich is called “Chicken Burger” here. Anything with hamburger bun and meat is called “burger”. In the U.S., people distinguish burgers (beef) and sandwiches (other meats). No wonder workers made face to me everytime I ordered saying “filet-o Fish burger”. (^^;)

Total: 300 yen

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