Café #03: Starbucks, Sapporo

Filone Holiday Chicken Sandwich and Assam Black Tea Latte

I do not need to write about Starbucks, because it is in everywhere! I want to know some countries that do not have Starbucks these days. Most of their items are the same. Do you like Starbucks, or are you anti-Starbucks? I personally like them, because their coffee is in reasonable price. I cannot believe, however, how terrible their foods are… Sorry if you like it, but hey… I tried sandwiches and some sweets, but I don’t think those were tasty.

Starbucks Japan has similar menu as American ones. Their original menu that I like is “Assam Black Tea Latte” (short: 370 yen). As a tea lover, this is very tasty and they use enough tea leave. It is a royal milk tea. If you pay extra, you can change milk to soy milk, which is even healthier.

I also tried one sandwich this time, called "Filone Holiday Chicken Sandwich" (420 yen). This sandwich was the first one so far that I liked. Thick-sliced roasted chicken came with grilled potatoes, zucchini, and tomatoes over meat sauce and parmesan cheese. It was nicely toasted. I really liked the grilled potatoes; it matched with the tomato sauce.

Sapporo’s Starbucks seem a popular place to hang out with friends. There are always packed and noisy. I sometimes go there to enjoy black tea latte, but not an appropriate place, at least for me, to read some serious books.

Total: 790 yen

Starbucks Japan

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