FastFood #03: Ebi Burger @ Lotteria

As I mentioned before, I love junk food! I never get bored with hamburgers and French fries. Yet, I barely eat beef hamburgers recently since the safety issue of the beef was raised. Japanese fast food restaurants have a variety of sandwiches of chicken and others, besides regular beef hamburgers. One of my favorites is Ebi Burger (shrimp sandwich). Lotteria, popular Japanese fast food chain, created this item in late 1990s, and now McDonald’s even have those.

Ebi Burger

Ebi Burger (290 yen) comes with their original buns and deep fried shrimp croquette, a piece of lettuce, and original tartar sauce. This is one of their original menus, and it amazed people when this item was introduced.

You see many Lotteria stores in South Korea, and people may thinks it is Korean fast food restaurant. However, Lotteria is a Japanese fast-food chain since 1972, then spread to some other Asian countries including South Korea. I believe they produce their original menus. When I go to South Korea someday, I want to try their menus as well.

So far, this Ebi Burger is my favorite at Lotteria.

Total: 290 yen



  1. i had a stopover at tokyo-narita a few years ago and definitely noticed that the mcdonald's there had some sorta fish/shrimp burger! didn't try it, but it was neat to see the small culturally different items a worldwide chain offers.

  2. Oh you came to Asia before? You should try some different items next time. I recommend you their soup as well. Creamy corn soup is a great item in winter time.

  3. yup! went to shanghai a couple years ago... i miss asia everyday :(

  4. Shanghai must be changed quickly. I went there several times, but each time I went there, the downtown changed rapidly. I was so surprised. I miss old Shanghai...