FastFood #01: Chicken Pot Pie @ KFC

I love junk food, even though I know it is not healthy. I just can’t stop eating those. When I was in the U.S., I usually went to In’n’Out, which is my favorite so far. Unfortunately, there is, I believe, no In’n’Out in Japan yet, and no Burger King in Sapporo, but we have some good fast food chains, such as Mos Burgers and Lotteria. Slowly, I will update some Japanese hamburger chains and their original menu.

Today, I went to KFC and stayed there reading some books for hours. It only takes a few minutes from my house to get there, and their place is always quiet. That is the reason why I frequently go there. I usually drink a cup of coffee or have lunch, but today I found a seasonable item on the menu—Chicken Pot Pie! It is available only in fall and winter seasons. Wow, I haven’t eaten this for a long time. So I bought this as a snack.

The item came in the box, which was fun to open it. A pie was in the box, of course. LoL By using the spoon and opened the pie’s cover to see what was inside. The creamy chicken soup said hello! The taste was a bit strong, but it was warm and pretty good. It is fun to try if you have never eaten this. The only problem is that it costs 350 yen. I think it is quiet expensive if I compared with the quantity. 280 to 300 yen would be an appropriate price, or the quantity should be increased more.

Anyways, I finally finished reading "Musicophilia" by Oliver Sacks. What should I read next?

Total: 300 yen (with a coupon. Original price, I believe, is 350 yen)

KFC: ケンタッキーフライドチキン

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