Restaurant #10: Terrace Brasserie @ Grand Park Otaru, Otaru

Ocean View

The hotel, Grand Park Otaru, had been operated by Hilton group until a few years ago. Now, Park Hotel Group bought out this hotel as a first group owned in Japan. The group headquarter is in Singapore, therefore I was expecting that the restaurants in this hotel might have good Singapore/Chinese food. (I saw some people's good reviews about it.)

This hotel is located in front of the Ishikari Bay, and they operate several restaurants. Terrace Brasserie is one of them. It was a find day, and the view was beautiful from widely opened window. My friend and I went there for lunch buffet, at 11:30am, the time they just opened. We only saw a few people at first, but five minutes later, a group of around 50 people came in and it became chaos fighting for food.

First plate

A wide selection of foods. Limited space, but they sometimes change the items alternately during the lunch time, so it is better to go back to the food section and check it frequently! I wanted to eat most of the food, so I didn’t eat any bread this time. I saw, however, their bread section looked gorgeous, as well as the salad bar.

Unfortunately, there were no Singapore dishes this time; not that I aware of. They have some on their a la carte menu. In stead of that, Australian Fair held this time; they cook the Australian beef. Hmmm… The taste was fine, but I, to be honest, always prefer Japanese beef. Their Italian section had not have many choices, though seafood gratin was creamy and delicious, and new items were coming in and out.

Second Plate

Two things I really liked about this buffet. First, their Chinese dishes were tasty, especially shumai (シュウマイ). They prepared seafood fried rice, egg soup, fish and a few other dishes. Egg soup was also tasty, but the taste was light enough so that we can eat more. Second, their keema curry was delicious, especially the rice! Their rice was so tender. Restaurants’ rice is usually way overcooked, yet this rice was in perfect condition. How did they cook like this?

Third Plate

On the whole, all the foods were prepared well, and were tasty enough. I found that the quality of their food is high enough compared to other hotel buffets. Besides, beautiful ocean view easily made us satisfied.

After the amusing lunch, my friend and I went to Otaru city and enjoyed the relaxing holiday walking at Otaru promenade. It was a beautiful day.

p.s. Please check a 10% discount coupon on the Internet. Also, you may accumulate gourmet points on your ANA mileage club card.

Total: 3564 yen (1886 yen x 2, 10% discount, consumption tax 169 yen)

Terrace Brasserie @ Grand Park Otaru
11-3, Chikkou
Otaru, 047-0008

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