Restaurant #05: Kiyohira @ ANA Hotels Sapporo, Sapporo

Friendly Sushi Chef

It has been a long time since I went there at first time. This sushi bar is one of the places that you can eat Nigiri set under 2000 yen. This price is for lunch only, but it is still reasonable. Their lunch menu is various, yet of course I ordered 10 pieces Nigiri set, which comes with some small dishes (1260 yen). There is one more nigiri set, which comes with 15 pieces of nigiri.

I went there at around 12pm, but the seats were almost gone. Friendly atmosphere, two sushi chefs were busy to prepare their popular menu. Three waitresses were running stressfully. I guess one would be just started working there… One of sushi chef was friendly; he allowed me to take some pictures of this restaurant.

Salad and Hiyayakko

A cup of green tea was served smoothly, followed by a small salad and Hiyayakko (fresh tofu). Salad was nothing special, but the dressing was my taste. Hiyayakko was pretty good! It is a simple dish; just a fresh tofu on the small plate, then we pour soy sauce on it. You can enjoy the pure taste of tofu.

Nigiri Zushi

Nigiri zushi was then served in front of us. You can see 10 pieces of nigiri, and some Maki zushi. I enjoyed California Roll or Dragon Roll in the U.S., but we don’t have those at sushi bar in Japan. Hmmm I kinda miss Philadelphia Roll… :(

Hot Noodle Soup

Surprisingly, shari (sushi rice) was colder and harder than I expected. The balance between shari and neta (raw fish) was not my preference, yet my family said it was reasonable. Ebi (shrimp) and Kani (crab) were fresh enough, and salmon was delicious, although Maguro (tuna) was sadly not that tasty. I guess they chose to keep the reasonable price and slightly change the class of neta, which is okay with me. It is still fresh and reasonable enough with this price. After I ate half of sushi, finally the waitress served us a noodle soup.

I enjoyed the lunch here, but I preferred smoother service. Next time I’d rather go there earlier.

Total: 1260 yen

Kiyohira, Sushi Restaurant
B1F, ANA Hotels Sapporo
Kita 3-jo Nishi 1-chome, Chuou-ku
Sapporo, JAPAN

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