Sapporo Autumn Fest 2009: Part 3

Let’s move to 7-chome site. This site was for sake and Japanese-style small dishes, good with drinks. Beef and seafood BBQ smelled really good!

Curved Organic Sausage (巻き巻きソーセージ)

The picture was taken after we cut it in pieces, but it was really long. I have tried Chinese, German, Italian and American sausage before, but I like Japanese sausage the most. The reason is simple, I just got used to the taste. The outside of the sausage was crispy, and it was juicy inside. I can tell that it was very fresh.

Baked Scallops (ホタテ焼き) (300 yen)

Hot and delicious! Salty enough with the ocean taste, and melted butter gave an accent. This must be great with a glass of beer.

My uncle tried some Japanese sake. The fresh spring water in Hokkaido makes great Sake (酒) and Shochu (焼酎).

Beef Steak Don (ステーキ丼) (800 yen)

At second visit, I tried Beef Steak Don, my friend recommended me to try it out. It was surprisingly reasonable price; 800 yen! I wish I could’ve gone back and try this again. I still remember the delicious taste. The steak was thick, tender and juicy, and no need to put any sauce. It was already in perfect taste. Rice was too tender, but I was satisfied with their thick steak.

8-chome site eventually became my favorite. This site was the huge, lively food market, barbequing fresh seafood and meats from all area of Hokkaido. It is a place for seafood and local dishes lovers. At my first visit, I couldn’t eat anything because I was too full, but I tried some at my second visit.

Crab Miso Soup (毛がに汁) from Esashi (枝幸町)

There was a long line in front of this booth. No wonder, they gave us free crab miso soup. Yes, it was FREE! They prepared 100 cups of soup for free. Broth was perfect, and we enjoyed it.

Takoyaki with cheese and yam (チーズと山芋のたこ焼き) from Ozora (大空町)

This item was interesting. Takoyaki (たこ焼き) is a popular food in Osaka, Japan. In addition to a piece of octopus, this owner also put creamy cheese and grated yam together. Just a simple idea made the takoyaki tender and rich flavored.

See you next year!

I wish the weather could be warmer, but we had a great time together. Many visitors seemed to enjoy this event. It made me happy to see my home town become crowded and active. We need more lively events to provoke our economy! Next year would be from September 17, 2010. Mark it on your calendar, and visit the city of Sapporo during this wonderful event!

Sapporo Autumn Fest 2009


  1. Hello,

    First of all, I feel thankful for your informative 3 articles. I read all of them in a row and I loved them.
    I will try some of your recommendations when I visit the festival next month.

    Thank you :)

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! This was 2009, but I also went there in 2011 as well. Always good food and drinks, and if you are lucky, you can also buy Japanese crafts and fresh veggies. I am planning to go there next month. I hope you love it! Enjoy!!!