Restaurant #03: Hachi-Kyo, Sapporo

This restaurant brings a new style of service that workers really enjoy what they are doing. The owner of this restaurant was a fisherman for more than ten years at Shiretoko, Rausu, where is the eastern part of Hokkaido. Now, he owns this powerful izakaya style restaurant, so-called “Hachi-Kyou” at Susukino area of Sapporo. I mean it is really powerful. Once you enter this izakaya, all workers shout, “Irasshai!” with respect. It reminds me of the spirits of fishermen. You will surprise the full of power, and will notice this is not a place to discuss about serious stuff with your friends.

The interior is creative. Some huge tapestries for fishing vessels are decorated on the wall. There are some fishermen’s pictures at the counter table, so you know who took seafood that you are eating.

Only fresh seafood is prepared, mostly from Shiretoko Rausu. Raw fishes are very fresh; sashimi would be a great choice if you can eat. Most dishes from the menu are used fresh seafood, such as Sanma and Hokke, both are my favorites.

My friend and I tried as follows:
4 drinks
“Wasabi potato salad” as an appetizer
“Hokke Menchi Katsu” (deep fried minced meat cake with Hokke meat)
“Sanma Sashimi”
“Tako-zangi” (deep fried octopus)
And their popular item so-called “Tsukkomeshi”, which is “Ikura Don” (rice with fresh salmon roe)

Wasabi potato salad was unexpectedly tasty. The potato salad was mixed with wasabi colored flying-fish roe, which gives me an interesting pops in my mouth. I forgot to ask them if they use some meat in “Hokke Menchi Katsu”. It didn’t taste like fish at all but tasty smell of Hokke. I know they used the Hokke’s meat, but not sure about beef or pork. Sanma is one of autumn season’s fishes, so now is the great time to eat.

My favorites in this dinner were “Tako Zangi” and “Tsukkomeshi”. Unfortunately, I accidentally forgot to bring my camera!!! Luckily, my friend took some pictures of Tsukkomeshi.

Tsukkomeshi (white rice only)


The fun part of this dish is that they bring white rice with a ball. Then, one worker put Ikura (salmon roe) over the white rice until we say “stop!” When he puts Ikura, he and other workers shout as “Oissa!”, which is a cheer when the fishermen put out the fishes from the ocean. It is fun, delicious, and noisy in an exciting way. This restaurant became popular, and many autographs of many artists, especially wrestlers, are decorated on the wall.

I recommend this restaurant to young energetic people and people who likes new stuff. If you like a quiet restaurant, then this place is not for you. However, I guarantee that you would love the food anyways. Please try, and I would like to know how you feel.

Total cost: 6640 yen (for 2 people)

1F, Miyako bldg, Minami 3-jo Nishi 3, Chuou-ku
Sapporo, JAPAN

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