Restaurant #04: Yoshimi Kitchen, Sapporo

Yoshimi Kitchen was a modern, fancy-style restaurant located at Parco building. They put a huge menu with delicious pictures in front of the entrance. My friend and I wanted to have simple supper, and we decided to try out a salad and one dish with drinks.

Their drink menu is various! They prepare some non-alcohol cocktails. All the names sound attractive, but there is no explanation on the side. Please ask the worker the details.

Hawaiian Salad with Juicy Pork

“Hawaiian Salad” (680 yen) was a light flavor salad—fruity. Lettuce, paprika, corn and grapefruit were all mixed, covered by some slices of juicy pork. The pork was salty enough, and literally juicy! I am very pleased with this salad. They should put more lettuce, so that this could be a main dish.

Cheese Yaki Curry

“Cheese Yaki Curry” (baked cheese curry: 890 yen) becomes a popular menu these days in many restaurants. This is a first time to eat such a menu, so I cannot tell that the taste was good or bad. I definitely felt the quantity is less. The rice covered with curry sauce, cheese, sliced paprika, and a half-boiled egg. It was baked in the oven, so the rice was crispy, and taste good with melted cheese.

All menus were reasonable price, but I hope it would be a bit larger quantity. Or we should’ve order one more dish. Overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere and service. Non-alcohol drinks are all 500 yen.

Total: 2570 yen (for 2 people)

Yoshimi Kitchen
8F, Parco
Minami 1-jo Nishi 3-chome, Chuou-ku
Sapporo, JAPAN

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