Restaurant #09: Coco's, Sapporo

Tea Selection

Coco’s restaurant is known as a chain of casual dining restaurants operating in California and some other states in the U.S.A.. It seems that one Japanese company bought a franchised license from them, and started Coco’s Japan. Now different Japanese company bought out, and Coco’s Japan established an original brand. Anyways, I thought it is interesting that they have their own menu for Japanese people, so I went there with my family to check things out.

First of all, the branch that I went had a good atmosphere. Wide windows welcome the sunshine. They have a drink bar; tea selection is gorgeous! Tea lovers, like me, can stay there all day. Of course, they have some coffee and cold drinks. Drink bar, I believe, is 320 yen.


All lunch menus come with a cup of soup, unlimited refill. Taste was okay.

Coco's Beef Hamburger Steak with Oroshi Ponzu Sauce

To be honest, this is a chain restaurant like Denny’s. I don’t expect the high quality food. (Sorry, Coco’s!) Yet, I liked Coco’s because their menu is fun to eat and price is affordable. Hamburger Steak with Oroshi Ponzu (714 yen) was a good example. This hamburger steak, or I should say chopped steak, cooked as medium-rare, then you use the black heated stone next to the sauce to cook more if you like. I can’t stop salivating when I hear juicy cooking sound! Steak comes with some veggies; carrots, egg plants, potatoes, and lotus roots. This dish doesn’t come with the rice, so I ordered steamed rice (189 yen).

Hashed Beef

Hashed Beef (819 yen) was served with steamed rice. Beef was tender, but the demi-glace sauce was okay. I prefer, though, a bit of more wine taste. Rice was quite a lot; it could be good idea to share with a friend.

Crab Spaghetti with Cream Soup

They have some spaghetti menus. My mother ordered Crab Spaghetti with Cream Soup (1344 yen). This item was a bit overpriced for lunch compared with other menus, but she liked it. It came with 6 crab claws. Soup was creamy and delicious. Other ingredients were pumpkins, eggplants, and slices of red paprika. The balance of the color, quality, and quantity was the best among three items we ordered.


Now it’s dessert time! I barely eat dessert, but the picture on the menu was attractive. Cocosh (504 yen) is a denish pastry bread and vanilla ice cream on the top. The bread was still warm, and ice cream easily melted. Tasty! This was not that sweet, which was good for me. It came with maple sauce.

Fondant Chocolat

Fondant Chocolat (399 yen) is everyone’s favorite! I ate much more delicious one before, but again, I just wanted to enjoy the atmosphere in this restaurant. My family liked the first experience of Fondant Chocolat; their smile made me happy. :)

Overall, we enjoyed the lunch. Again, their quality is acceptable with this price.

Total: 3969 yen (for 3 people)

Coco’s Japan

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