Restaurant #06: Wako Tonkatsu, Sapporo

Wako is a small tonkatsu chain located in Stellar Place Sapporo, the neat shopping mall next to Sapporo train station. I haven’t eaten a good katsu for a long time, so I jumped into this restaurant. This shopping mall has a great variety of restaurants.

dining room

The décor was modern and clean. I went there for a dinner, and they dim the lights and the atmosphere was pretty cool. Their menu was various; I ordered one of the set menus comes with Rosu (pork loin) and Cheese Menchi Katsu (fried minced meat cake) (1200 yen).

Workers are well trained. They explained the menu well, and they know the right timing to bring a cup of tea or other things. I know it is their job, but it is not easy to get good service in such a small restaurant. Easily packed the place during the dinner time, but workers helped each other well. I was reading a book in a restaurant, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable. If I go there earlier or later, it would be much easier for me to stay there for a while and enjoy the atmosphere like a café.

Tonkatsu Set

Tonkatsu, a deep fried pork cutlet, is a popular dish in Japan, and it usually served with shredded cabbage. Hire (pork fillet) or Rosu (pork loin) is generally used. I sometimes cook tonkatsu, but it is difficult to make it crispy outside and juicy inside. Wako uses their original Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs), and deeply fry it with the blending of corn and soy bean oil. This Tonkatsu Set also served with shredded cabbage, steamed rice, veggie miso soup, Japanese pickles, and a pot of tea.

Rosu Katsu was in great condition. The outside was crispy enough and in great brown color. When you bit it, the delicious pork oil came out, and the pork was so tender. The color was pink. My favorite, Menchi Katsu, was also great taste, the melted cheese was inside. You can also enjoy their original Tonkatsu sauce, mixture of juice from tomatoes, apples, onions and some other ingredients.

Overall, I was pleased with their food and service.

Total: 1200 yen

Wako, Tonkatsu Restaurant
6F, Stellar Place Sapporo


  1. Anonymous30 May, 2010

    Thanks for this review. I went to Wako and had the tonkatsu set yesterday and it was great - good balance of crispy and juicy. I am from Australia, and have never had menchi katsu before, but it will certainly look for it again in the future.

  2. Hello! I am glad that you liked their tonkatsu. I tried some tonkatsu in other countries, but none of them were crispy and juicy. It is always good to eat tonkatsu in Japan. :)

    Thank you for stopping by and enjoy staying in Japan!