Sapporo Autumn Fest 2009: Part 2

After eating at 5-chome site, my family and I moved to 6-chome site. Soon we regretted that we should’ve waited until we checked all the food before we ate. At this moment, I was already full, but this 6-chome site has more delicious dishes. We couldn’t resist. We bought some dishes again! 6-chome site provided many international tapas and a wine/beer bar. I saw some Indian and Spanish restaurants, and some European beer and wine. My uncle tried German beer and he loved it.

“Miso Motsu" (味噌モツ煮込み) with Sapporo Beer

If you like Japanese or Korean BBQ, you know we eat guts. This was stewed guts with miso. Guts became very tender and no needed to chew. Taste perfect with the beer. Sapporo Ichiban!

“Vegetable Samosa” (500 yen)

It was a first time to eat samosa, a popular Indian snack. Unfortunately, it was already cooked and was cold. Yet, it was still tasty and I was surprised that this little thing made me full very quickly. Mashed potatoes were mixed with curry powder and some spices.

“Crème Brûlée”

It was tasty, but was too sweet for me. I only ate half.

Soba Making

We saw some Japanese noodle restaurants as well as other international food booths. There was a booth that you could actually experience how to make Soba, Japanese noodle. It was cool! Japanese noodle has long traditional history. When you experience it, you will understand the reason why Japanese appreciates the tradition.

to be continued...

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